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7th Grade Curriculum Overview

7th Grade Weekly Schedule

6th Grade Religion

Unit 1: Forming the Covenant (Tests will be weekly and open notes)

7th & 8th Grade Religion

Unit 1: How do we nourish God’s gift of faith? (Tests will be weekly and open notes)


Reviewing Concepts learning Pre-Algebra (include operations with fractions, decimals, intergers) and solving one and two-step equations. (Test: 9/14/2018)

7th Grade Science- Earth’s Surface

Chapter 2: Weathering & Soil (Test: 9/19/2018)

8th Grade Science- Human Body Systems

Chapter 2: Bones, Muscles, & Skin (Test 9/20/2018)

Science Fair Reminders

1.7 due 9/14

1.8 due 9/19

1.9 due 9/21

2.1 due 9/27

2.2 due 10/3

2.3 due 10/4

2.4 due 10/18 (5 page paper… don’t wait)

2.5 & 2.6 due 10/23

2.7 due 10/30

2.8 due 11/2

2.9 due 11/ 5

If you don’t want to test your experiment over THANKSGIVING BREAK, you must to the Material/Procedures steps sooner than later, to get them approved by me.

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