All school staff can be reached by calling the School Office at 760-689-6250

Fax 760-689-6240

We can also be reached by clicking on the links below for our email addresses:

Pastor/Superintendent – Fr. Ramon R. Marrufo-

Principal – Mrs. Linda McCotter –

Office – Mrs. Emilia Magana –

Kindergarten – Mrs. Megan Warren –

1st Grade -Mrs. Katie Marley Beltran –

2nd Grade- Mrs. Christianne Lord- 

3rd Grade – Mrs. Marnie Bradford-

4th Grade – Mrs. Heather Hirschkoff-

5th Grade -Mrs. Linda Hayek –

6th Grade/7th Grade – Ms. Frances Jones –

8th Grade – Mrs. Shawna Taitano –

Preschool Director -Mrs. Gisela Gutierrez-

Preschool -2 Teacher – Mrs. Sabrina Weeks-

Preschool -2 Teacher -Ms. Cecilia

Preschool -3 Teacher – Ms. Amber Ostgaard –

Preschool -3 Teacher -Ms. Clarissa Gonzalez –

Pre-K  Teacher – Miss Gloria Briseno –

Pre-K Teacher – Mrs. Antonia Barillas –