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Why Should I Enroll At St. Peter The Apostle Catholic School?

St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School provides a quality Catholic Education where instruction of traditional values meets a rigorous challenging academic curriculum, and where students receive the solid foundation framework necessary to acquire the industry accepted credential of the 21st century.

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We work with each child to identify and cultivate specific interests and goals in a challenging and stimulating educational environment. We celebrate the fact that everyone learns differently.
Academic Excellence & Catholic Values

Academic Excellence & Catholic Values

Our academic guidelines are aligned with the Diocese of San Diego. Our curriculum is a blend of faith-based education and the California State Framework, covering all academic areas. This blended curriculum ensures academic excellence in a Christ-centered learning environment. Our Religious Education focuses on Sacred Scripture, Catholic knowledge, values, tradition, Catholic documents, notable Catholic figures, and service. Teachers ensure all children are appropriately challenged and continue to show growth in all subject areas.

Preparation for success

Preparation for Success

Through inquiry-based learning, children learn to think critically and reason intellectually. This prepares them to be successful citizens and exceptional leaders of tomorrow. As a community, St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School and Parish are united in making sure all of our children are challenged and supported.

Nurturing Environment

Nurturing Environment

Your child deserves the best education and preparation for the future in an environment surrounded by people who openly share and support your values. We provide individual attention and supportive feedback in a safe and loving environment. Above all, St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School students are not only becoming knowledgeable Catholics, but also compassionate Christians.