Kindergarten Mrs. Warren mwarren@spacschool.com

Religion- We are learning about how We Celebrate That Jesus is Our Friend.

Phonics- Students will need to know how to sound out and write CVC words. (examples: cat, lip, map, kid, dig, etc.) We continue to work on digraphs (examples: th, wh, sh, ch, bl, ph).

Reading- We are learning to track print left to right, top to bottom, answer comprehension questions, know who characters are, and what the setting is in a story. Questions that students are asked before, during and after reading are: By doing a picture walk, what do you think the story will be about? (inferencing) What is the problem that needs to be solved? What is the plot?

Rainbow Words/Ice Cream Words will be continued to be assessed during the week. Please have students practice at home.

Writing-Writing two sentences using a capital letter, correct spacing, a period at the end and staying on the line. We talk about detail words and add them into all of our sentences.

Math- We are continuing with daily morning Math Facts, finishing Measurement and beginning Money.

Social Studies-We are working on People and Seasons and Life & Work Long Ago.

Science/STEM- We are working on Life Science with growing our wildflowers, watching the growth of our beautiful butterflies, and Living vs. Non-Living Things.

Important Dates and Reminders:

April 20

Minimum Day

April 21

Daddy Daughter Dance

May 19

Taste of the Ballparks! Destination Raffle

Have store receipts you longer need? Bring them in, we earn money from them.Scrip is available to purchase online at shopwithscrip.com and it helps benefit our school.

Please cut out those box tops, http://www.boxtops4education.com/about/collection-sheets we can purchase items for the school with your help.